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What We Are Proposing

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Development Proposals


Middle Farm provides an opportunity to provide a new self-sustaining community, with opportunities to work, play and live, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly environment. Middle Farm proposes to deliver:

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Support for the health and well-being of our local communities. This includes an area indicated on the masterplan to provide healthcare facilities in close proximity to NSECH. We will also provide the opportunity for a new access into the hospital for emergency services from the A189 should this be required. 

A new local centre, measuring around 4 acres, is proposed which will provide for the everyday needs of local residents, workers and visitors. A range of services and facilities are proposed including; a range of different shops, a pub/restaurant, a gym, and a hotel.

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Middle Farm proposes to deliver approx. 21 acres of new employment land which could bring forward a range of new business opportunities to the local area; including life sciences, research and development, manufacturing, energy, logistics etc. The employment area has the potential to create a significant number of new job opportunities for local people, who will be able to live and work within the community. Job growth and new businesses locating in this local area will help support the growth of the local economy.

A potential link to the new rail station at Seaton Delaval on the Northumberland Line. This link would provide access from the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital (NSECH), through the site to the new rail station at Seaton Delaval. On this link, there is the potential to have an autonomous vehicle route. This potential link will facilitate active travel and access to sustainable modes of transport.

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The Green Belt land, to the east of development, is proposed to be retained and enhanced. Around 100 acres of Green Belt will be available for existing and new residents to continue to enjoy whilst providing further opportunities for recreation and biodiversity. 

Middle Farm proposes to deliver approx. 2,200 high quality and sustainable homes. This will include provision for families, the elderly, first-time buyers and affordable homes. These homes will be of the highest design standards which embrace new technologies and sustainable ways of living.

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Cycleways and footpaths are proposed throughout the site and to existing settlements at Cramlington, Seaton Delaval and Seghill. This will encourage people to walk, wheel or cycle as opposed to opting for travel by car. All modes of transport proposed on site can be connected through on-site mobility hubs.

A new primary school and nursery are proposed to be delivered to ensure that residents and workers in the local area have good access to local education and childcare for their children.

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