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Highways - Access

Vehicular Access


  • Two main points of vehicular access are proposed for the development:

  • A new roundabout on the A189, on the western boundary of the site, and;


  • A new signal-controlled junction, on the northern boundary.

Secondary Access - New Signal Controlled Junction
AL(0)004 - Proposed Landscape Masterplan SECONDARY ACCESS.jpg

A new signal controlled junction is proposed to the north to ensure a second vehicular access from the site to the surrounding road network, and allowing for a bus route through the site, which could further reduce the impact of any additional car traffic from the new development on the Moor Farm junction to the south.

Primary Access - New Roundabout on A189
AL(0)004 - Proposed Landscape Masterplan copy.jpg

The new roundabout would connect the development to the A189 and the B1505. Homes England have already indicated that funding is available for this infrastructure, which could allow it to be delivered early in the development. 


The roundabout is also proposed to provide access to a new Park and Ride site within the development. Alongside the bus route which could run between the proposed access points, this offers the potential to by-pass congestion at the Moor Farm junction, reduce the number of vehicles on the A189, and ensure public transport is a viable alternative to the private car for off-site journeys that may be made by new residents and people working at the site.


The roundabout and park and ride could also allow people driving on the A189 to divert off the road network and use the new Northumberland rail line station at Seaton Delaval for onward journeys, as the opportunity is provided for direct connections to the new station via the autonomous vehicle link, foot-ways and cycleways proposed through the development site. 


This could further reduce traffic on the surrounding road networks.

230614 hub 2 copy.jpg
Transport Assessment & Travel Plan


The development team propose to undertake significant consultation and data collection exercises, traffic modelling and analysis work to fully understand the development’s impact on the surrounding transport network. Some of this work has already commenced and sits alongside the feasibility study into the deliverability of the autonomous vehicle route, which is funded by Innovate UK.


It is proposed that the planning application will be supported by a comprehensive Travel Plan, which could secure a long-term commitment from the Developers of the site and the subsequent operators and tenants of the employment area or local healthcare area. 


The Travel Plan is proposed to ensure that sustainable transport options remain the first consideration for all staff, visitors and residents, and secure ongoing financial support for the initiatives proposed.


The final Transport Assessment and Travel Plan will be presented to the highway authorities of the North of Tyne area and agreements reached to mitigate any residual highways and transportation impacts, to ensure there are no adverse impact on the strategic road network including the Moor Farm junction. 

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