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The Vision

Project Outline


Welcome to our public consultation to discuss our proposal for a new self-sustaining community at Middle Farm. 


Middle Farm is an area of approximately 145 hectares located immediately east of Cramlington, west of Seaton Delaval and north of Seghill.

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The Vision


A place to live, work and play, in an environment where green habitats and landscape nurture biodiversity. A community for multiple generations, in a place with high quality design, sustainable connections, nature, greenery, health and wellbeing, alongside the development of healthcare facilities and key employment growth.

Why this location?


As a result of the growth opportunities there will be a pressing need for additional employment land sites to ensure there are attractive commercial opportunities. Alongside employment growth you need housing growth for the employees. This site can deliver both of these needs.


Middle Farm is a site which was specifically excluded from the Green Belt to accommodate a development of regional significance. It has the potential to bring significant economic growth for Northumberland through the provision of a new employment area, local facilities and homes. There are opportunities for business clustering which will boost economic growth for both existing and new businesses in the local area.


Life sciences and research and development would be well placed on this site, given its close proximity to the hospital. The site also has the potential to capitalise on the growth of the manufacturing sector in Northumberland, including at Northumberland Energy Park. The growing supply chain here has the potential to create thousands of jobs which will require employment and housing to support it.

Who is proposing this development?


Dysart Developments, with the support of Story Homes and Amethyst Homes, wish to present these proposals at Middle Farm to you. Dysart Developments, the lead developer of the scheme, is locally based and is active in Northumberland and the North East and has a wealth of experience in delivering large-scale developments. They are committed to undertaking development, which is sustainable, fosters vibrant communities and creates a sense of place. After completion, Dysart manages its sites with community and public facilities incorporated into all aspects - from footpaths and allotments to estate management and CCTV.

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Background and Context


The land at Middle Farm, which is proposed for new development, was excluded from the Green Belt in the former Blyth Valley District Local Plan (1999) in order to provide future growth for the area. The Blyth Valley District Local Plan stated; This site was excluded from the Green Belt in order to keep future options open for accommodating a use of regional significance’. 


It is now an appropriate time to bring this site forward for development, as Northumberland has entered a new growth period. This new phase is fuelled by the signing of the North East Devolution Deal, the new Northumberland rail line and associated growth opportunities.


The North East Devolution Deal is a new agreement between the government and seven local authorities in the North East, including Northumberland County Council. The devolution deal transfers new powers and funding, to enable the a Mayor and the seven authorities to plan for the long term, with certainty, and unlock the benefits of devolution for people living in the North East. 


The Devolution Deal guarantees long term funding that will allow the Councils to invest in public transport, support businesses, improve skills and living standards, whilst tackling climate change. The North East Devolution Deal will include more than £4.2 billion of additional investment over 30 years, which is expected to lead to an extra 24,000 jobs in the region and unlock an additional £5 billion in private sector investment.


The new North East Mayoral Combined Authority has received approval from all of the seven local Councils and this authority will lead the Devolution Deal and direct how the funding will be spent and invested.


The proposed Northumberland rail line is a significant passenger rail project which is due to open in the summer of 2024.  The £166m scheme will reintroduce passenger rail services between Newcastle and Ashington, with six new stations currently fully funded for delivery, including a station at Seaton Delaval, and which are under construction. The Line will improve connectivity in the region and provide new opportunities for growth and development. 

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