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  • 1. What is the current status of the site?
    Dysart Developments own this site and are looking to bring forward this site to deliver a new chapter for Cramlington. Once this consultation has been carried out, we will carefully consider all the responses and feedback before a planning application is submitted. We are aiming to submit a planning application to Northumberland County Council early in 2024.
  • 2. Is the site on Green Belt land?
    The majority of the site proposed for development is not located within the Green Belt, although an area of the site within the red line boundary along the eastern edge is within the Green Belt. This Green Belt land will be retained and enhanced as a green open space area for local residents to enjoy and nature to thrive.
  • 3. What is an autonomous vehicle exchange?
    A link is proposed between the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital and the new station at Seaton Delavel, which will run through the site. Autonomous vehicles are proposed along this route to improve connectivity between the Hospital, rail station and surrounding area. Autonomous vehicles or driverless vehicles operate themselves and perform the necessary functions without any human intervention through the ability to sense its surroundings.
  • 4. How would the site be accessed?
    Two main road access routes are proposed into the development: one will be located to the southeast of the site, off the roundabout where the A19 and A189 intersects. The other access point will be located along the northern boundary, off the B1326. An extensive network of public footpaths and cycle routes are proposed in and around the site, as well as bus routes, and an autonomous vehicle link between the new Seaton Delaval station and the Hospital
  • 5. What type and how many new homes will be built?
    We expect to bring forward approximately 2,200 new homes. This community will deliver a range of different homes to meet the needs of the residents of Northumberland. The site will deliver a mix of affordable housing and market housing, including a mix of smaller homes designed for first time buyers, down sizers, and the elderly and larger family homes. The homes that will be built will be of an excellent standard and sustainable, putting development on the path towards a future net zero.
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